Financial Assistance

There are many ways to access Montessori teacher training. If bettering the lives of children is your dream, explore these options to bring this dream within reach.



Depending on prior work experience, career goals and background, you may qualify for a range of scholarship opportunities offered by Montessori Northwest and partnering organizations such as the Margaret E. Stephenson Foundation and the Pride Foundation. Click here for more details about the MNW Scholarship Fund and these other opportunities. To be eligible for scholarships, applicants must first be accepted in to a Montessori Northwest teacher training course.

“Go Fund Me” for Teacher Training

People worldwide are using Go Fund Me to raise money for a range of causes, including crowdfunding for educational needs. Create a fundraiser for tuition, living expenses, and other costs of obtaining a Montessori diploma. Click here to view our step-by-step guide to creating a Go Fund Me for Montessori teaching training at Montessori Northwest.

School Sponsorship

Schools all over the world are eager to find committed teachers that are a good fit for their community. Many will even pay for the training. If you are open to adventure, or already live in a community in need of teachers, securing a School Sponsorship may be an option. Click here to learn more.

Student Loans

Montessori Northwest partners with several universities to offer Masters’s Degrees. If you already have a Bachelor’s Degree, these programs can further your education and your career. They also allow you to qualify for federal financial aid. Click here for Montessori Northwest’s Master’s Degree Options.

Contact us with any further questions about how any of these options can help you become a trained Montessori teacher.