"Go Fund Me!” for Teacher Training

If you are ready to enroll in Montessori training but need financial assistance, Go Fund Me can help.

Montessori education is life changing and many people in your community will be inspired to help you make a real difference in the lives of children and families.

Go Fund Me, the world’s largest social fundraising platform, is a tool you can leverage to bring the personal cost of Montessori training down and help you reach your dream of becoming a teacher. Millions of dollars have already been raised through Go Fund Me to support aspiring teachers. Join them by following these easy steps. In less than 15 minutes you’ll be raising money to start you new career in Montessori education.

Step 1: Sign-up

Signing up for a GoFundMe requires an email or Facebook page. Using your Facebook page to sign up is faster and allows you to access photos from your account for your profile. However, if privacy is a concern, use an email address instead.

Step 2: Set a goal

The first thing GoFundMe asks new users is for their fundraising goal. You can go back and increase the goal amount later but be sure to make an update explaining the changes in your needs. Donors appreciate this type of communication.

Step 3: Describe your campaign

Create a personal campaign to raise money for yourself or someone else. Personal campaigns are charged a lower amount than campaigns for charitable organizations. Then, choose a category. Many people fundraise for their own educational needs or the educational needs of others.

Step 4: Add a video or a photo to your page

This is the first major step toward selling yourself for donations. Photos can be uploaded via Facebook or your computer, but videos need to be hosted on via YouTube or Vimeo. Select something that will educate visitors about your goal. A photo or video can be a great communication tool. You are welcome to use Montessori Northwest’s teacher training video and the Inside Montessori trailer.

Go Fund Me3.png

Step 5: Tell your story

Montessori educators are passionate about supporting children and you will find many people share your belief that education changes lives. Tell your story. Don’t be afraid to ask for financial help. Even small amounts make a big difference.

For educational fundraisers, it helps to share information about the program, specifics of costs and your personal goals related to why you are motivated to take the Montessori training.

Montessori Northwest’s website includes information that may be helpful in crafting your description.

Go Fund Me 4-5.png

Step 6: Post Updates

Go Fund Me5.png

By posting regular updates to your campaign and social media, you can keep your interest high for the duration of the campaign.

Posting updated photos, videos or progress updates is a great way to keep your community invested and attract new donors. Once your campaign is up and running, make sure to show your appreciation to donors with a personal message or reward.

Adapted from“How to make a GoFundMe and Succeed,” by John-Michael Bond.